Update & Call to Action Feb. 26, 2024

Update & Call to Action Feb. 26, 2024 

To All Members in Iowa:

While the obnoxious IA legislation severely restricting local control passed the House of Representatives last week…the issue is moving to the Senate where we must keep up the fight! 

We continue to ask every Iowa resident affiliated with our industry to actively voice their opposition to this legislation via both phone calls and email.  If you’ve already phoned and emailed once….please do so again.  We hope every recipient of this message will commit to this because we need for the Iowa Senate to hear our message.
The Issue:  Iowa SF 2154 (formerly SF 174) a design standards preemption bill and SF 2231 (formerly SSB 3040), a materials preemption bill introduced by Senator Scott Webster and HF 2388 (HSB 619) a material preemption bill introduced by Representative Dan Gilbach. 

These bills would eliminate cities and counties' abilities to thoughtfully plan for their communities’ futures (e.g., explore the option of planning for masonry ordinances for single family and multi-family residential).  This unfortunate effort is backed by the Iowa Association of Homebuilders, the Vinyl Siding Institute, The Iowa Association of Realtors, and Iowa Business and Industry Association, and other groups. 
What Has Been Done to Date:  The House Materials Preemption bill, HF 2388 passed on February 22, and heads to the Senate.  The Senate Design Standards Preemption Bill (SF 2154) and the Senate Materials Preemption Bill (SF 2231) have passed out of the Senate Local Government Committee and are on the Regular Senate Calendar.   

What You Are Being Asked to Do:   

First, we ask all Iowa residents affiliated with brick to call their local senators (you can find your senator here) and say the following

Hello, I am a constituent of (insert legislator’s name) and would like to ask the Senator to Vote No on SF 2154 and SF 2331 introduced by Senator Scott Webster, and to Vote No on HF 2388 by Representative Dan Gilbach. 

These bills would take away from cities and counties local control to regulate design standards for homes and apartments. These bills would result in homes being built at the bare minimum state standards and result in a loss of property values, decreased public safety, and a lower quality of life for members of our community. This could lead to a reduction in public safety from fires and natural disasters.

SF 2154 and SF 2331 and HF 2388 would take away the rights of our cities and counties across Iowa to handle community issues on the local level.  We deserve a say in the communities we are building for our children and grandchildren. 

Vote for local control.  Vote No on SF 2154 and SF 2331 and HF 2388. 

Second, we also ask that you send an email message (we’ve pre-drafted) to your legislators via the info box requesting your name & address located in the lower right-hand corner of the BIA Action portal linked here:   Vote No on SF 2154, SF 2231, and HF 2388 (salsalabs.org)  (NOTE: Please use this link, versus links used in previous weeks.)

We are working collaboratively with a number of allies to oppose this legislation.  We are fighting back hard on multiple fronts, and have a chance to prevail.   

As developments warrant, we will provide updates.  In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me or Patrick Burns at [email protected] / (678) 907-2478 with any questions or comments.  Thank you for your prompt attention.    
Joseph Casper
(703) 608-9350